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December 18, 2018

The Borough now has a new easy way to register your tenants online see below...

In January 2012, Borough Council passed an Ordinance to require registration of all rental units within the Borough of Palmyra. Please fill out this form to register your unit.

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Lebanon County Under Quarantine for Spotted Lanternfly

April 18, 2018
The Spotted Lanternfly (Lycorma delicatula) is native to China and was first detected in Pennsylvania in September 2014. Spotted lanternfly feeds on a wide range of fruit, ornamental and woody trees, with tree-of-heaven being one of the preferred hosts. Spotted lanternflies are invasive and can be spread long distances by people who move infested material or items containing egg masses. If allowed to ...   read more


March 27, 2018
The following links include the addresses that will experience a refuse route change beginning April 2, 2018.  
Current collection day of Monday to Tuesday - click HERE
Current collection day of Tuesday to Friday - click HERE
Current collection day of Wednesday to Friday- click HERE
Current collection day of Thursday to Wednesday - click HERE
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