Refuse containers are available from the Borough office at a cost of $17.00.  The containers are 32 gallons and meet all the requirements for the refuse program.
Refuse containers are available from the Borough office at a cost of $17.00. The containers are 32 gallons and meet all the requirements for the refuse program.


This service is for all domestic users. A domestic user signifies a single-family unit; either housed in a single-family home, duplex house unit, apartment building or any other complex, but shall not include public or nonprofit elderly housing.

Garbage and normal household refuse are picked up once a week by Waste Management crews. All refuse must be placed in proper containers and/or bagged and at the collection site the night before collection. 

It is the property owner's and/or resident's responsibility to follow all Borough Refuse Collection Regulations and Ordinances so the refuse and recyclables will be collected. If the items are not prepared properly the refuse and/or recyclables will not be collected and a sticker will be placed at the collection site explaining the collection problem.

Each domestic unit is limited to 3- 33 gallon containers or bags per week. A bag, can or container cannot exceed a capacity of 33 gallons and/ or weigh more than 45 pounds when full.  To avoid possible injury to refuse collection personnel, receptacles exceeding the capacity and/or weight will not be emptied or picked up.

Refuse collection personnel will collect additional bags that have an Extra Bag tags placed in a conspicuous location on the bags. Extra Bag tags can be purchased for $2.00/tag at the Borough office.   

The refuse collection crews will also collect one over sized refuse item each week with your normal household refuse collection. An over sized refuse item is a piece of refuse less than 6' in any dimension and which weighs less than 45 pounds. Tires, white goods, and electronic waste are NOT acceptable.

Additional large items require a large item tag attached to the item. Large item refuse tags may be purchased for $5.00/tag at the Borough office. 


NEW! Single Bag Program

Residents that do not generate enough refuse for a 33-gallon container/bag per week will be eligible to register for the Single Bag Program.  The program will offer 26 single bag collections throughout the year at a cost of $156.00 minimum.  This service will begin in April 2019.  Residents interested in this program will need to contact the Borough office to register and receive the annual bags/tags. 


If additional bags/tags would be needed, they will be available for $6.00 each.  For more information regarding this new program, please contact the Borough office.


White Goods

Waste Management will collect white goods twice in 2019.  A special service tag is required for each item.  Tags will be sold at the Borough office.  Please refer to the Borough newsletter for collection days.


Christmas Trees

There is no separate Christmas tree collection day.  Christmas trees will be collected on the regular refuse/recycle service day the weeks of January 7th and January 21st.